Artist Statement

"Driven by a passion for travel, my goal is to capture a still image that accurately conveys the spirit and drama of the landscape: the weather, the light, and the subject matter. While mostly I work to transform these variables into a powerful experience, I thrive for the fleeting moments when the elements of a great photo fall into place naturally. Photography has given me a deeper appreciation for these elements, and respect for the mystical forces of nature that allow such harmony to occur."



Chris Moore was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His fondness of travel began in his childhood, spending summers exploring the National Parks, and continued later in life with excursions around the world.

After many years of roaming the world with a point and shoot camera, Chris's experiences evolved into an interest in serious landscape photography, where he continues to work at capturing the essence and spirit of nature. Chris lives in Florida with his wife and two children.

Exploring Light Photography was established in 2009 and is represented by Getty Images, with photographs published internationally, online, and in print media. Masterworks include "A Moment in Time." "Redemption," and "Sandstone Flow."

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Exploring a remote slot canyon in the Arizona desert.